1Who is the Caribbean Yogi?
This is my pen name for my books.
2How do I purchase your book?
I have just begun writing the series and am due to complete the second book by November 2019, the first novel and associated children’s book would be available on Amazon and other online retailers by November 2019. The others would be available for Pre-Order in 2020 as follows :

i. Book 2 – the Lost Temple of Thoth
ii. Book 3 – the Haunted Island Cemetery
iii. Book 4- the DrakenGuard of Orion
iv. Book 5- the Legend of Leviathan
v. Book 6- the Requiem of Death
vi. Book 7 – the Celestial Supernova
3How do I give feedback on the series?
Utilize the Enquires section of this website or the Social Media platforms of the Caribbean Yogi, I would love to hear from you.
4How many mythical races does the Raven Maeghus Series Cover?
A lot (twenty two).
5What is the Premise of the Raven Maeghus Series?
The series explores the possibility of all worldly mythologies coming to life on a distant planet called Elysia, the home of the Guardian Spirits where a cruel king seeks absolute dominion over all living and dead beings…
6What are your upcoming publications?
GenreSubGenreSeriesSubTitle/Description#Book Production #LocationManuscript Complete
FictionFantasy FictionGuardian SpiritRaven Maeghus and the Chapel of Bones11,Currently in editingOxfordShire, EarthMay-19
FictionFantasy FictionGuardian SpiritRaven Maeghus and the Lost Temple of Thoth22Egypt, EarthAug-19
FictionFantasy FictionGuardian SpiritRaven Maeghus and the Haunted Island Cemetary33Caribbean, EarthOct-19
FictionFantasy FictionGuardian SpiritRaven Maeghus and the DrakenGuard of Orion44Thuyr, ElysiaDec-19
FictionFantasy FictionGuardian SpiritRaven Maeghus and the Legend of the Leviathan55Sky Ocean, ElysiaFeb-20
FictionFantasy FictionGuardian SpiritRaven Maeghus and the Requiem of Death66Devil's Cove, ElysiaMar-20
FictionFantasy FictionGuardian SpiritRaven Maeghus and the Dark Reckoning77Orion Constellation, MWGApr-20
FictionFantasy FictionCelestialsTaharqa and the Reign of the Dark Pharoah18Egypt, EarthJun-20
FictionFantasy FictionCelestialsTaharqa and the Revenge of Tutankhamon29Egypt, EarthSep-20
FictionFantasy FictionCelestialsTaharqa and the Fall of Ra310Sirrah, AndromedaOct-20
FictionFantasy FictionCelestialsTaharqa and the throne of Olympus411Markab, AndromedaNov-20
FictionFantasy FictionCelestialsTaharqa and the Dark War512SMBH, Virgo ClusterDec-20
FictionFantasy FictionImmortalsThe Gathering113EarthJan-21
FictionFantasy FictionImmortalsOblivion214EarthFeb-21
FictionFantasy FictionImmortalsFreedom315EarthMar-21
FictionDramaZionThe story of a middle class technocrat contemplating suicide and is saved by his large Akita through reclaiming purpose in his life116MiamiApr-21
FictionScience FictionSpace YThe story of a pioneer visionary Chinese billionaire and his quest to populate the moon with human colonies117Shanghai, the MoonMay-21
FictionScience FictionThe ReckoningA dystopian planet crippled by climate change and its effects and their battle to reclaim the planet118EarthJun-21
FictionScience FictionThe ReaperThe humanising of the Angel of Death and what he goes through on a daily basis119New YorkJul-21
FictionAdventureReturn to Shangri LaSet in a post-apocalyptic world, Conway is now the high Lama and has to use the resources and wisdom of ShangriLa to restore Balance to the World120ShanghaiAug-21
FictionAdventureKrakatoa 1883this story follows the events of the catastrophic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 and the creation of sunken island Candela, the hero of the story seeks the center of the Candela Subsea mines where the secret to appeasing the mighty Krakatoa lies and with it, the only hope for saving the earth from absolute calamity121IndonesiaSep-21
FictionThrillerThe Pantomime CycleAn epic thriller based in Lisbon about the life of a serial killer that kills through magic and is motivated by chaos122Lisbon, PortugalOct-21
Non-FictionYogaThe Autobiography of a Caribbean YogiA Yoga Autobiography that tells the author's journey through Yoga in the Caribbean and his varied experiences with Yoga around the world123EarthNov-21
Childrens Fiction5 to 8Fred's Magic Islandthe Guardians of the Earth124Trinidad, CaribbeanAug-19
Childrens Fiction5 to 8Fred's Magic IslandAnansi's Fertile Fields225Trinidad, CaribbeanOct-19
Childrens Fiction5 to 8Fred's Magic IslandIsabelle's day at the Market326Trinidad, CaribbeanNov-19
Childrens Fiction5 to 8Fred's Magic IslandPhils day at the Beach427Trinidad, CaribbeanDec-19
Childrens Fiction5 to 8Fred's Magic IslandTammy on Safari528Trinidad, CaribbeanFeb-20
Childrens Fiction5 to 8Fred's Magic IslandFred on the Coral Reef629Tobago, CaribbeanMar-20